Exchange your unused film with FilmStockSwap / Win 3 years subscription to LR/PS from Lenscapt

Just a quick note about couple of entirely unconnected things that have appeared in my inbox this week…

Firstly – and though I haven’t tried this yet, I do think it is a very cool idea – FilmStockSwap from @hipshootfilm on twitter/instagram. It’s a simple idea, you fill out the form here with some film you would like to swap and info about the film you would like to swap it for and when a match is made with someone else with the opposite desire you will be put in touch to arrange the details. The idea is in it’s infancy, but I like the idea and hope it takes off.

Again, you can find the form here –


Secondly, Lenscapt – who are a startup soon to launch a kickstarter for a flip open lens cap – are running a bit of a giveaway to grow their audience in advance of the KS campaign. They are giving away 3 yrs of Lightroom and Photoshop CC, you just have to give them your name & email to enter. To be honest, I wouldn’t normally promote this sort of thing, but I’ve had a bit of an email too and fro with these guys over the last few months and they seem like a nice bunch! I also quite like their slightly whacky, but nonetheless quite clever product… and I say that based on the fact that I have one they sent me to play with.

More details and the entry form on their website here –

I said a little while ago I was going to be doing more mini-news post like this. If you have something you would like me to share with the world, do let me know! I can’t guarantee to publish everything, but if I like it, I will try!


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