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The Holiday Kit Bag

I’m going on holiday soon, I’m looking forward to it. In anticipation I am planning what gear to take in the the holiday kit bag.Β I don’t get to go on holiday that often, but since I have been writing this blog I’ve made a bit of a habit of documenting my trips with posts about my experiences with various cameras and other gear when visiting the various places me and my little family go. This time round, I though I would prefix those posts with a short intro to the kit I’m taking.

I’ve tried to be as sensible as possible, but unfortunately the borrowing of a Leica M60 put pay to being very sensible. In fact, since I’m taking a total of 5 Leica cameras, I suppose really I’m not being sensible at all am I…? Oh well, I don’t really care, there is method to the madness even if there might be a slight weight toward madness rather than method.

First we have the three M film bodies and a Barnack

I’d been planning for a long time just to take the Leica M-A and M3, but since I recently picked up an M6 ttl, I’m going to take that too. I’ve not had a good chance to compare how I use the M6 to how I use the others yet, so I’m going to use he holiday as an opportunity to do that.

It also allows me to load 3 different films concurrently. I’ve been shooting a lot of Portra 400 lately, but I’m very keen to see some Portra 160 results from UK Film lab. I’ve a good feeling I might be quite impressed with the results.

I’m also taking another Leica, a Leica that doesn’t get nearly the look in it should, and that’s the Leica iiia. I have recently picked up a 28/35 mini Voigtlander viewfinder to use with it and my 28mm 3.5 Voigtlander lens. As a set up, it combines to make something very small, yet near perfectly formed.

Next, the digital Leica

The M60 is on loan from Leica UK for only a couple of weeks. In fact it has to go back the Tuesday after I return from holiday. Because of this, I’ve got to take it … Oh woe is me, how terrible for me to have to lug around such a thing πŸ™‚


Additionally to the 28mm f/3.5 and 35mm f/1.4 Summilux that belongs to the M60. I’m also taking the 90mm elmarit-m as the 50mm summicron.


Compact cameras

I’m also taking three compact cameras, the Contax T3, mainly because it goes everywhere – as mentioned in my recent review – but also because I know I won’t survive the whole week without getting fed up with thinking about how to take photos. Along side the Contax I am taking a Konica big mini – a water proof one – known as a “mermaid”.Β This should be fairlyΒ useful for what we are hoping to be regular trips to the beach. Last but not least I am taking a camera that has gained itself the name of “Connie’s camera” around our house, though is better know as a Ricoh FF9. I let her borrow it, once, and now she’s claimed it as hers. She’s actually not half bad with it either.

Accessories and Film

Lastly I am taking a few other bits and bobs to aid the week. Obviously I needed a lot of film – mostly portra, but there is a smattering of xp2 and some cheap fuji in the pile too. I’m also taking two light meters, the Zone VI Pentax digital spot meter and sekonic L-398a. Other useful items include a roll of electricalΒ tape for DX coding my film, a little knife, lens cloth and a shutter release.



That should do it … Way more than any one man could possibly need for a holiday, but hey, I only do this once in a blue moon, so I might as well make it as fun for myself as possible



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    Urban Hafner
    June 22, 2015 at 10:34 am

    You are crazy, Hamish! The last time I went on holiday I took one camera and managed to shoot one roll of 135. Now imagine if I had taken as many cameras as you. πŸ˜‰

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