Advertising on 35mmc

If you would like to advertise your product or service on 35mmc there are a couple of ways that you can do so.

Banner Adverts

Firstly, there are a limited number of advertising spaces in available on the website. These are visible on all pages of the website and are therefore seen by every visitor, wherever they travel within the pages of the site.

They are a mix of Google adds – which have become necessary to keep the website alive – and “sponsor” adverts from photography related friends of the website.

I am not looking to make my first million via advertising, I’m just looking to cover the cost of keeping this ever growing site alive.

If you would like to talk details, please get in touch!

Product Reviews

Secondly, I am very much open to discussion with regard to product reviews. I have written reviews based on equipment borrowed from the likes of Leica, Zeiss and Lomography, additionally to these bigger brands I have also reviewed products made smaller companies like LumuTaab, Zaid made and Footprint, and software developers like Nightcap and RNI. If it is to do with photography, and relatable to a film photographer you have a good chance of me being interested in writing a review.

If you would like to talk details, please get in touch!

How adverts found their way onto 35mmc

As of the summer 2016, the time has come that I need 35mmc to start helping fund itself. I never really intended or expected it to grow to the size it has, but as I’ve said a few times, now it has I couldn’t be happier.

With the growth in visitors and subscribers reaching the number they have, things have started costing more money. With the growth showing no signs of slowing down (quite the opposite in fact), I’m also expecting the growth in costs to continue.

I’ve been fortunate enough with hosting that I’ve been able to put the site on my companies own hosting, but due to some changes at work I might need to move it within the year. In the interim, and even if it stays where it is, it’s using more resources than the rest of the websites on the server combined, so really needs to start paying its way.

Combine the hosting costs with the costs of sending out 10’s of thousands of emails to my email subscriber list every month, I’m starting to realise the monetary cost of running a website like this.

Unfortunately what this all means is that I need cash to keep this boat afloat. I’ve tried eBay affiliate links, but they’ve only netted me about £60 in the first couple of months – and that’s with ebay’s 3x revenue bonus during the fist 3 months. So whilst it’s worth doing, the eventual £10 a month I get ain’t going to cut it.

Remove the adverts

One other way of drumming up some readies that came to mind was giving readers the opportunity to sponsor the site with some sort of monthly donation. This really is just a fancy way of saying give me some cash and I’ll make it so you don’t have to see the adverts any more.

If you are fed up of the ads, please get in touch!

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