Author name: Frankie Bina

Czech amateur photographer, currently based in China. Member of Shenzhen International Foto Collective

Mirrorless point-n-shoot

Panasonic GF1 & 7Artisans 18mm – My Analog Point & Shoot Experience Digital Camera – By Frankie Bina

I love the simplest point & shoot film cameras. Take a Holga or some cheap disposable/reusable model and just go enjoy shooting. They are so easy to use, so hard to master, so much fun to shoot with.

I’ve got few cameras like that in my collection and while I run the more affordable films through them, in the end it can still gets bit pricey. This got me thinking, would I be able to somehow recreate the experience in a digital form, avoiding the rising price of film and development? And what i mean by this is that I didn’t want just to switch a camera to full-auto and keep using it as before, I wanted the proper experience with guessed focus, uncertain exposure and questionable framing.

Holga 120FN

5 frames with a Holga (my First Film Camera) and some Expired Film – By Frankie Bina

I know, Holga and expired film, that sounds like a total cliché of Lomography and hipsters. But for me it was the first taste of the world of a film photography. And it all started by a pure accident.

I stumbled upon this Holga while cleaning our flat, hidden in a storage space under a bed, an old remnant of my wife’s short lasting photography interest in her late teenage years. I never shot with a film before and to be honest, I had no intentions to start with it. But as the opportunity was sitting right at my hands, I decided I will give it a go. Having no idea how deep this road will take me.

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