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Firstly, thanks for making it this far. If you’re not already aware, Patreon is a platform designed to help creators like me raise cash from those of you who really appreciate what it is we do, and ultimately would like to see us do it more.

If you’d like to see grow bigger, better, stronger, faster, more productive etc, then please consider chucking few quid (or in this case dollars) my way a month. In brief, the more people that chuck me a few quid, the more time I will be able to spend on 35mmc, and ultimately the better it will become!

In return for your cash, you will either get yourself an ad-free experience, or if you punt for one of the higher tiers, you will get loads of behind the scenes action, and get to have a direct influence in the future direction 35mmc.

Please, take a look at the rewards and get involved!

Become a Patron!

A bit of backstory (in case you’re interested)

As some of you may or may not have noticed, the volume of content being posted on 35mmc has recently quite drastically increased. The website reach and readership has also significantly increased. These two facts are of course directly proportional. The more people read the website, the more people wish to contribute to it. What is also proportional to this growth is the amount of time this growth is taking me to manage.

I am becoming increasingly aware that if I wish to maintain this growth whilst also not sacrificing the quality of the content – especially the quality of the content that I produce – I need to find more time in the day.

As you may or may not know, I currently only maintain 35mmc outside of my normal working hours. This is a struggle, but I must admit for the time being it is just about sustainable. That being said, at the rate of growth the site is currently seeing, it’s likely it won’t be sustainable forever.

Creating a Patreon page is, in fact, my third attempt at finding a remedy to this. My first attempt to remedy the issue was to ask for PayPal donations – this worked to a degree, but I only received donations in dribs and drabs so wasn’t really sustainable. The second attempt was to add google advertising to the website.

As you may or may not have noticed, very soon after I included the adverts on the website, the speed of the site increased quite significantly. With the advert revenue, I dramatically upgraded the server the website sits on, as well as invested in some technology to make sure that the website is served to everyone around the world as quickly as possible.

The website is now much faster, and in the months since – at least not counting the value of my time – has broken even, on average (it used to cost me money, so this is a step in the right direction). Of course, with it not making any money, I’m still unable to dedicate more time… but hopefully, that’s where this Patreon page will come in.

My personal goals

My next goal is to go part-time at my day job and dedicate more time to 35mmc. By becoming a patron of 35mmc, you will be directly supporting me in the steps toward that happening.

My goals for 35mmc

In the process of setting up this Patreon page, I have read a fair few others to get ideas for how this might work. Many people who use Patreon quite specifically define how the money they raise is going to impact on what they do. I have plenty of ideas myself. As mentioned, primarily, I’d like to go part-time at work so I can dedicate more time to the site. But additionally to this, I have ideas around paying for more professional writers to write more for the site, I’ve also considered the benefits of employing a part-time editor to proof and correct mistakes in the content (something I’m acutely aware that I’m not great at). I’d also like to be able to reward those who write reviews and larger posts for 35mmc with maybe a roll of film or two, or perhaps even some sort of merchandise if that’s what tickles their whistle…

Ultimately though, I’m not sure which of these paths is right for either me or the website. 35mmc is after all as much about the community that reads and contributes to the site as it is about me and my thoughts, if not more. So to make those decisions alone doesn’t feel quite right. As such, as you can see, the higher rewards include the opportunity to help me decide the future direction of 35mmc!

Ultimately, if you’d like to support the growth and betterment of 35mmc, please consider a becoming a Patron! I shall be forever grateful!

Cheers for reading (sorry it’s a bit waffly as always)


Become a Patron!

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