5 frames with…

5 Frames with a Olympus OM-1n – By Paulius Gailiunas

Olympus OM-1 is one of those cameras that everyone knows, and for good reason.  Once you pick one up you will definitely know what I mean – the whole thing oozes of quality – solidly built, nice to look at and has all the essentials for photography – nothing more, nothing less. It is also complemented by a huge selection of great lenses, needs no batteries to work and will probably last you a lifetime.

5 frames with a the Olympus mju-II – by Francisco Varone

After several years using Canon digital cameras, in 2008 I bought an Olympus XA on eBay. I felt in love immediately with this compact and beautiful camera. Returning to film photography was a great satisfaction that motivated me to make pictures everyday. But after two years and many rolls of film, I was seduced by Panasonic´s GF1 and the tiny 20mm 1.7. Having autofocus again felt really great!

5 Frames with a Leica Mini – By David Felix

It’s no surprise that people who have used a Leica would want more of it. The Germans really put a lot of effort into the camera and seeing a lot of them alive and well (and relevant) several years later is a testament to its quality. But can the same be said about those Leicas made in Japan? This was a question I asked myself…

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