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Second City – Making My First Zine – by Richard PJ Lambert

I’m a very unprofessional, self-taught film photographer from Birmingham. There is always a camera in my pocket and I like to experiment with different techniques to capture the slightly weirder side of life.

After years of negatives piling up and ideas bouncing around my head, I finally delved into the world of vanity publishing and made my own 16 page black and white zine. It was made as affordably, locally and analogue as possible. The whole process was much easier than expected so I hope this guide gives you the motivation to liberate your pictures from blogs and shoe-boxes and get them out into the world.

‘Up North 2’ – The lost photozine

Some time ago I wrote a little bit about Paul Schofield’s photozine ‘up north 1’. Then some time later Paul sent me his second photozine mysteriously entitled ‘up north 2 55545.5’. A short time later I misplaced ‘up north 2 55545.5’. A little too embarrassed to admit that I’d lost it to Paul before I’d …

‘Up North 2’ – The lost photozine Read More

Thoughts on ‘up north 1’ and a little common ground shared with someone I’ve never met …

I was first made aware of Paul and his photos through an article he wrote for JCH. The article, which can be found here, is about his current relationship with photography and fitting it into the busy schedule of being a family man. He talks about the initial buzz of having children to take photos …

Thoughts on ‘up north 1’ and a little common ground shared with someone I’ve never met … Read More

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