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Nikon FE + TMAX 100

5 Frames with TMAX 100 – Learning to develop Black and White Film – by Alex Vye

One Christmas, early in my marriage, I ended up spending Christmas at my in-laws house, which was in a different city from the one I lived in. Due to a mix-up caused by the logistical nightmare of bringing a newborn baby with all it’s day-to-day stuff and all the Christmas gifts to another city in a tiny car, I ended up at the in-laws house for several days with a single gift for myself, from my parents, Ansel Adams’ “Basic Techniques of Photography, Book II”.

At the Machine Boneyard: 10 Frames of Scrap Metal – by Christian Schroeder

Before I come to the actual topic of this post, the machine boneyard, allow me a short excursion.

During these Corona days, I have developed a ritual. As soon as the evening approaches, I am sitting in my armchair, looking out the window of my living room and watch the sun setting. Close to my house stands a fairly large administration building. On clear days, which we got lots of recently, the otherwise white facade explodes in an orange fire. Alpenglow right in my neighborhood. As the days go by, the hornbeams outside are showing some light green fluff. April has begun and, therewith, spring has arrived.

In Homage to – and Defence of – the Work of Tatsuo Suzuki – By Steven Bleistein

No worthwhile art ever escapes at least some controversy of some kind from some people at some time. Even Ansel Adams, whom no one would likely consider controversial, was no stranger to controversy himself. In the 1940s, Adams produced a series of photographs of interned Japanese-Americans in the landscape of the Manzanar camp, entitled “Born Free and Equal.” Even long after the end of Word War II, these photographs still invite controversy, some of which even emanates from the Japanese-American community itself!

Fuji x100f

Fuji X100f Review – Has Fuji lost sight of the elegant original concept?

The Fuji X100f is the fourth iteration in the series. I had the original X100, but since then we’ve seen the a number of changes and additions to the design, first through an ‘s’ model, a ‘t’ model and now the ‘f’. The series of cameras has been consistently and quite strongly representative of Fuji’s reputation for listening to their users, I just can’t help wondering if they have listened a bit too much…

Peak Design Slide Lite, Field Pouch, Leash and Cuff – A System Review

For the last month or so with varying levels of commitment I’ve been using a Peak Designs Field Pouch with (and sometimes without) a Peak Design Slide Lite strap. Latterly, I have also had added into the mix a Peak Design Cuff and Peak Design Leash. When I started this review I found the Peak Design offering of passing intrigue. Now I’ve now finished writing it, I have completely bought into the system. It’s even managed to round off a new positive opinion towards camera bags…

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