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Recurrent Corneal Erosion and a Mamiya 645 Pro – It’s a Pirates Life For Me – By Adam Laws

One delightfully horrid January morning in 2018 – probably a Wednesday, nothing ever good happens on a Wednesday I woke in excruciating pain. I hadn’t been drinking the night before nor was I involved in any nefarious activities – it was a school night after all – yet my eye had swollen to hideous proportions. Opening my eye exasperated the situation and, despite best endeavours by my dog. he couldn’t see or smell anything untoward inside my eye. I decided to venture to my doctor who presumed I had scratched it. She told me that if I still wanted to claw my own eyes out the following day I should arrange an optometrist appointment.

Leica 35mm 2.4 Summarit-m mini-review – by Adam Laws

It transpires a limited edition Contaxt T2 with all its paraphernalia is the equivalent of a practically new Summarit-M 35mm f/2.4, a Yashica Matt 124g, and a pub lunch. I for one can’t refuse a good pub lunch, especially if it involves pie. Though for clarity, I don’t mean one of those evil rogue imposter pies that laugh at you from their non-edible ramekin suit and puff pastry hat.

Leica MP (Another) Review – by Adam Laws

Let’s get this out of the way straight away – It’s hard to recommend the Leica MP in what might seem a rational way. It’s an emotive choice compared to it’s analogue M-system compatriots. The M6 can be purchased at half the price and is just as capable. The M7 offers a more “advanced” package allowing for AE, and the M3, the camera which inspired the MP is equipped with a higher magnification view finder, a larger rangefinder base length and has a comparative brass construction.

5 Frames with a Nikon F100 by Adam Laws

THUD – “That’s going to be expensive” I said to myself whist caressing the new indentation on the Leica MP’s housing; the body now so disfigured it was rejected by its own baseplate. After an initial quotation of twelve hundred gold coins and a two/three month lead time, I was very thankful of the insurance policy I had taken out a few months before, especially as I doubt my kidneys would fetch that much on eBay… not when you add in selling fees, postage and PayPal costs, at least!

Leica Q

Leica Q Review – by Adam Laws

I never intended to purchase a Leica Q when it was first announced. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that entered my feed when it was initially released and disregarded it. Presumably due to how street shooter centric the videos were. A year later I had sold my A7 series Sony in the hope to simplify my equipment. I was predominantly shooting film for commercial and personal use and was starting to grow frustrated that the Sony was simply not as enjoyable to work with as my analogue offerings.

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