The Gear Acquisition Syndrome Horseshoe

Just a bit of fun. I’ve been thinking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome and what it means to me. I thought about writing a post about it but decided instead it could be better summed up with a diagram. My descriptions are perhaps a little facetious, but hopefully they make the point. This is of course not intended to be taken entirely seriously! In case you are on a small screen and can’t read them: 1. Genius GASContents1 1. Genius GAS2 2. Curiosity GAS3 3. Collectors GAS4 4. Jewellery GAS5 5. Delusion GAS6 The Horseshoe7 How do you identify? Experienced by the people buy a Noctilux and win prizes for their outstanding work with it. (No one knows the photos were taken with a Noctilux) 2. Curiosity GAS Experienced by the people who buy a Noctilux out of pure curiosity. (They sell it after the novelty wears off as they realise it’s entirety impractical for their day to day needs) 3. Collectors GAS Experienced by the people who buy all of the different Noctilux lenses (They get fungus – not the lenses, they’re hermetically sealed – it’s the collectors themselves that have the fungus from lack of money to look after … Continue reading The Gear Acquisition Syndrome Horseshoe