Author name: Andrew Bogard

Photographer by day, opera singer by night. Ohio => Interlochen => NYC => Philly => Stuttgart

5 Frames with a Yashica AF-J and Fujicolor C200 – By Andrew Bogard

Porsche taste on a Hyundai budget — that would describe my relationship with photography gear. Luckily, Hyundais can be great! I stumbled upon this blue blocky Yashica on eBay and decided to shell out more than my normal 20 buck limit since it had a f/3.2 lens. As usual, the seller was very kind and personable, and I left the transaction a little poorer but with a smile and my first non-cheapo compact. I promptly dropped it on the pavement.

Canonet 28

5 Frames with a Canonet 28 and Fuji C200 – By Andrew Bogard

The classic scene: an advert for a bunch of random film cameras that showed no hint of what the cameras actually were. I met with the seller and she showed me a dilapidated box of cameras. Everything reeked to high heaven of old basement but something caught my eye: A Canon branded rangefinder with simple rounded lines that didn’t yell out “Yo! I’m a fancy camera!”

5 Frames with a Revueflex AC2 – By Andrew Bogard

I’m addicted to finding decrepit film cameras and trying to breathe life back into them. My most recent venture took me to a nearby suburb where I agreed to pay 5 bucks for an SLR I’d never heard of – the Revueflex AC2 (aka Chinon CE-4). The seller claimed it was her grandpa’s and had no idea if it worked. I googled the camera and saw it had my preferred type of automation (it would choose the shutter speed based on what you chose for the aperture), and I thought, if I couldn’t repair it, at least it would be a pretty paper weight.

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