5 July, 2024

Pentax Auto 110 – My First Experiences

By Tony Warren

This subminGAS is a dangerous thing! I was recently tempted by a Pentax Auto 110, being sold locally for not much more than ‘spares or repair” money and described ...

3 July, 2024

Holga Tips from a Holga Nut

By Neal Wellons

If you have never shot a Holga, please don’t let this article make you think that Holgas have lots of problems and are complicated to shoot.  My first Holga roll eve...
XA4 sitting pretty on a bed of moss

9 May, 2024

Olympus XA4 has a day out in Scarborough

By Mark Ellerby

I have previously had an XA, an XA2 and an XA3, all well used and enjoyed, and which all eventually broke in their own special ways. The XA4 is the latest in the series and I al...