13 February, 2024

Exploring Urban Exploration Photography

By Paul David Smith

Urban exploration photography is a captivating genre that encapsulates the essence of forgotten or unseen urban spaces. Exploring abandoned buildings, derelict structures, and f...

6 February, 2024

Drinking Districts in Japan VII: Obihiro

By Geoff Chaplin

We went to Obihiro primarily to eat – the food seems so much better than the area where we live – and also to see a friend; unexpectedly I came back with a large p...

1 February, 2024

Kiev 60 in Paklenica National Park

By Antonio Miše

If Kalashnikov Ever Made Camera, then that would be Kiev 60. Definitely. But I love it, it’s large, shutter really kicks with that satisfying sound, gives you feeling tha...

31 January, 2024

Traveling. Light? 4 days, 4 Cameras

By Bradley Newman

My wife’s cousin invited us to her wedding at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I figured this might be a good opportunity for some fun photography, so ...

11 January, 2024

Ride Options in Vienna

By Julian Tanase

Visiting Vienna is like returning to some place you never visited. I know it does sound weird, but it is so nonetheless, because every time I come here I see a different face of...