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Digital Camera Reviews – Digital cameras have been increasingly and more frequently reviewed on this website over the years. What differentiates the digital camera reviews you will find on 35mmc from those you find on many other websites, is that they are often written by people who have more of a penchant for film cameras.

As such, the reviews might be a little more about the experience of shooting the camera than the objective quality of the results. You might also find reviews of digital cameras that are quite old but continue to be used by their owners for a range of reasons beyond which one has the most megapickles, or is better in lower light.

As with all the content on this website, if you find something of interest, you can find more similar products by clicking on the tags you will find at the bottom of the reviews.

Agfa ePhoto CL18

Agfa ePhoto CL18 – A digicam from the year 2000

I am Eduardo Vecchio, 38 years old, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Back in the 90s, the photos that I took were merely mementos of birthdays and holidays, taken without much thought using a compact 35mm film camera (a Canon Snappy 20 and later a Vivitar PS25). I started taking photos in a “conscious” way not …

Agfa ePhoto CL18 – A digicam from the year 2000 Read More

Nikon D80 – Rekindling the Magic with a Nostalgic Homecoming

Sometimes, in the world of photography, certain cameras hold a special place in our hearts that goes beyond their technical specifications. They become vessels of cherished memories and artistic exploration. The Nikon D80 is one such camera that debuted 16 years ago and holds a special place in my heart. Recently, I was lucky enough …

Nikon D80 – Rekindling the Magic with a Nostalgic Homecoming Read More

Photo of a Sony Mavica Floppy Disk Camera

Sony Mavica Floppy Disk Camera and the Shitty Camera Challenge

The Shitty Camera Challenge is the antidote to photography competitions. Instead of celebrating the best that cameras have to offer it celebrates the worst. You have a Leica, forget about joining in. A Hasselblad? No chance. In 2018, Adam James, or PapaShittyCams as he is known on social media, challenged photographers to use thrift store cameras, the crappiest cameras they could find, and the Shitty Camera Challenge was born. Over the years the Challenge has covered all types of photography from film, to digital, to instant, and each time photographers have surprised themselves, and others, with the creativity and images they have produced.

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