If you want to learn or discover a new technique, build on your skills, or be inspired to have a go at a bit of DIY or camera modification, then you’re in the right place.

As with everywhere else on 35mmc, none of the content here will tell you what you should do, but instead what me and the various other authors who have written for 35mmc have done for ourselves. Nothing here is written in stone, but instead is laid out in a way that I hope inspires you to have a go at something you might not have tried before.

Below you will find a list of the articles in this section separated into categories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or indeed feel like you have something you would like to add, then please feel free to get in touch. You can find out more about how to write for 35mmc here

Processes, Tutorials & Guides

In this section, some of the basics, and indeed some more complicated topics are covered. Here you will find discussion around processes and tutorials, that will hopefully guide you through some experimentation of your own. You will also find guides around some of the more theoretical subjects within photography.

Lens adapting, Mods and DIY

There is a lot of fun to be had modifying a lens or camera, in this section you will find a articles from authors who have taken things apart, hacked, broken, jimmyed, stuck and welded with varying levels of success.

You will also find articles about the simple act of mounting lenses on cameras they weren’t originally intended for.

This section does come with a couple of health warnings! The authors who might encourage you to attempt such things found within this section shall not be held responsible for the physical pain you cause yourself by jabbing your hand with a screwdriver, electrocuting yourself with a flash capacitor, or indeed the mental anguish you might cause yourself by irreparable breaking  your pride and joy.

In short, tinker at your own risk… but do ticker, it’s a lot of fun!

That Time I shot with a…

This is a series of posts where authors document some of the especially weird and wonderful kit they have hacked together.

Repairs & Cleaning

With the same health risks as above, here you can find a few articles detailing repair and cleaning work undertaken on various cameras. Obviously, this list is far from the definitive guide to how to fix every camera under the sun, but some of what can be found does transfer to other models of camera.

Buyers Guides

Unlike a lot of buyers guides you might find online, in this section you won’t find articles telling you which is the best camera for x, y or z. Here you will find some slightly more experiential guides to choosing what bit of kit might be right for you. There are no hard and fast rules about what camera is best for anyone, but hopefully something in the following articles might give you some clues.

Camera History

There are many websites online that contain a lot of historical detail and information about cameras, traditionally 35mmc hasn’t been one of those sites, preferring to focus on the cameras now rather than where they came from. That said, over the years, a few articles that touch on the history of kit have come to the surface. You can find those articles here:

Manuals & Downloads

The best place on the internet for camera manuals is and likely always will be Butkus.org. But over the years, I have found need to upload a couple of digital versions of manuals he doesn’t have. You can find them here: