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Some Cool Books for 35mmc Readers (Part 1)

Over the decades, my “photography-book GAS” filled a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. But I’ve gradually weeded it back to just one 35-inch shelf of my favorite volumes. They are my most concentrated, interesting, unique and useful resources. Of course, “usefulness” is subjective. But I think these volumes should also appeal to many 35mmc readers– who collectively shoot …

Some Cool Books for 35mmc Readers (Part 1) Read More

Seasons of East Van, 2022 – Book Review

Mike DiPietro started the Seasons of East Van photography project early in 2018, and released the first photo book in 2023. I found Seasons of East Van through Instagram: a seemingly anonymous account of street fashion portraits taken in nearby neighbourhoods. The photos stuck out to me because they portrayed a beautiful side of Vancouver that is not often published.

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“Elliott Erwitt: Silence Sounds Good” review – By Neil Milton

“Can I ask you a question?” So opens Adriana López Sanfeliu’s reflective, affectionate portrait of her friend and mentor Elliott Erwitt. A question of a question. A fitting, subtle nod to the photographer’s ironic humour, and famed reticence for “museum talk” or philosophising his photography. The subsequent question, and answer, begins an intimate, often contemplative, hour-long journey into the life of the, at the time of writing, 94-year-old Magnum Photos member – and former president – who continues to work, preferring to let his photography speak. “C’est la photo qui doit faire du bruit.”

A Memory of a Visit to a Lacandon Family – by Teit Joergensen

I participated with danish artist Per Kirkeby and danish writer Ib Michael in the expedition The Old Maya in 1971. A journey where we explored the ancient Mayan culture in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, at a time when it was time to travel to Afghanistan and Nepal, and which resulted in the book Mayalandet and …

A Memory of a Visit to a Lacandon Family – by Teit Joergensen Read More

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