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Hedeco Lime Two on Leica M4-p

Hedeco Lime Two Low Profile Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

I’ve just received a pair of brand new Hedeco Lime Two light meters. As you might gather from the name, this is the second iteration of the Lime meter from the German brand, and whilst it might not be a revolutionary step forward, it does definitely represent a significant polishing of an already well rounded light meter.

As you can see when comparing the first version of the meter, the Lime One, with this new Lime Two meter, the basic design is pretty much the same. To that end, if you’re interested in a bit of background, I would recommend you read my first article here. That said, one thing this is worth noting is that the Lime One meter I previously reviewed was a late prototype. Though, as far as I know, the version that was delivered to customers after the kickstarter wasn’t all that different. As I’ve mentioned, this new version isn’t massively different either, but it does come with a few tweaks and improvements that make for a product that feels more mature.

Photographer's Vest

A Photographers Vest – Better Late than Never! – By Dave Powell

A LONG time ago, Kate gave me this photographer’s vest for Christmas. I’m not a clothes horse, but it took decades for me to not feel self-conscious about wearing it.I finally did, though, last Columbus-Day weekend in Peterborough, New Hampshire. It was their annual “Artists’ Open Studios,” and I decided to take two small cameras: a Kodak Retina IIa and Panasonic Lumix ZS100.

Of course, I had to bring all their support gizmos too. But I wanted to keep my hands free while walking all over the place and handling peoples’ handiwork. So there’d be no camera bag this time.

Reveni Labs Incident Meter

Reveni Labs Incident Meter Prototype Preview

Matt very kindly sent me a prototype Reveni Labs Incident meter to play with. It’s fair to say, this meter is not exactly conventional in terms of how it’s held or intended to be interacted with. But then, Matt’s shoe mount and spot meters are also unique in their designs. The question I asked myself when I first saw a picture of it was if this is a unique design too far? 

Sirui B25R Bendable LED Light Review – It Bends! – by Sroyon

Last week I reviewed the Sirui T120 Telescopic Light. The light I’m reviewing this week – the Sirui B25R (or to give its full name, the Sirui Dragon Series B25R Bendable RGB Panel Light) – is similar in some ways, but it differs in one crucial respect. While the Sirui T120 is a tube-shaped collapsible …

Sirui B25R Bendable LED Light Review – It Bends! – by Sroyon Read More

Sirui T120 Telescopic RGB LED Light Review – I See You Have Constructed a New Lightsaber – by Sroyon

Sirui is a Chinese company founded in 2001, who make a range of photography and video accessories including anamorphic and cine lenses, tripods and stabilisers. They also produce lighting equipment, and this – as you may know if you’ve read my articles about flash photography – is something I’m very interested in.

Accordingly, when Sirui contacted us to ask if we would like to review two of their recent lighting products – the T120 telescopic light and the B25R bendable light – I was excited to try them out. This article is about the lightsaber-like T120 telescopic light. I’ve also included a brief introduction to RGB LED lights, for readers who are new to such lights (or to continuous lighting in general). My review of the B25R bendable light will appear next week.

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