16 April, 2024

Another YAWDISF Post

By Andrea Monti

Yes, this is another ‘why do I shoot film’ post, and no, the answers are not ‘because it slows me down’, ‘because it connects me to the act of taki...
Princess Anne Gardens, Dawley, Telford.

30 March, 2024

My Return to Film – More than Nostalgia

By Andrew Rudge

My return to film has become more than a nostalgia trip. Having grown up with film, learning how to develop and print at school in the 1970s, film filled my formative years. Lik...
Lovers' Bridge, at least I think that's the name, beautiful colors at night,

21 March, 2024

Lonely in Korea (Yes, the Southern One)

By Kruschef Sanchez

Entering a new country without speaking the language on any level would be a powerful hindrance to setting up a social life for anyone. I was prepared to face many hours alone w...