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Digital-Infrared Workflow Begins Before You Leave Home – By Dave Powell

In response to this recent 35mmc article, reader Toby Van de Velde asked for an article about my digital-infrared workflow. The more I thought about it, the more useful I thought it might be. So here it is!

I lean toward simplicity in processing my digital-IR files. And we’ll get to that. But for IR especially, the workflow that leads to final images really begins:

Before Leaving Home

Finding Kodachrome - by Zheng Li for 35mmc

Finding Kodachrome and Bringing Back Color (the Digital Way)- By Zheng Li

Some of us know Kodachrome from the iconic Afghan Girl photo by National Geographic’s Steve McCurry. Some of us might even have watched the 2017 movie of the same name, about an estranged son trying to develop the last few rolls of exposed Kodachrome from his late father. Some of us, lucky enough, might have even shot, developed and marvelled at those glorious Kodachrome slides on a light table or through a projector.

But Kodachrome is no more: Kodak stopped its production in 2009, while Dwayne’s (the last lab that processed Kodachrome, and featured in the movie) ran out of K-14 chemistry in 2010. So it became more a memory of the past, like many other discontinued film stocks. But Kodachrome holds a special place in many photographer’s hearts, a nostalgic milestone in the photographic journey. 

Then I found 6 rolls of Kodachrome.

Finished Image

Using a Mobile Phone And a Free App To Scan Negatives – By George Griffin

When I first got back into analogue photography back in 2015, the biggest problem for me was how do I get these analogue images into a digital format to post on either a blog, Flickr or Instagram. Yes, I could get the lab I was sending to, to scan the images but this was costly and also there may only be half-a-dozen images that are worth scanning plus I was developing my own B & W and so that needed to be scanned at home.

Color Photography with the Leica M10 Monochrom

Color Photography with the Leica M10 Monochrom – By John Ricard

I’ve been shooting for decades, but always in color. Converting these images to Black and White has held no interest to me over the years. I actually have a rather illogical love/hate relationship with b&w. When I see an image presented in both b&w and in color, I tend to prefer the color version. And …

Color Photography with the Leica M10 Monochrom – By John Ricard Read More

35mmc header image

Picking your Color Negative Film Stock – An Alternative Approach – By Matt Wright

The film community is a high point of the internet. Coming back to film after a 20+ year hiatus was facilitated by all of the excellent work that has been done over the last few years. My return home would have been a painful, stressful, and expensive affair without the help everyone (thanklessly) offered me. …

Picking your Color Negative Film Stock – An Alternative Approach – By Matt Wright Read More

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