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Photographic darkroom & development kit reviews – here you will find reviews and experiences of the various kit you might find in a darkroom.

If you approach your film photography in a more traditional way by either developing and/or printing your photos, below you will find a few reviews of products that aid in this process. If you would like to know a little more about the theory and various practices, you can find more information in this section of the website about workflow.

As with all the content on this website, if you find something of interest, you can find more similar products by clicking on the tags you will find at the bottom of the reviews.

8×11 film dev reel for Jobo tank

In no way, shape or manner this should be construed as a professional review, for it is not. Just my personal opinion on this 8×11 film developing reel, recently purchased. That said, do enjoy!

I have been a user of Minox 8×11 cameras since the mid 90’s, and I always developed my own films in a Minox daylight developing tank, since my first 8×11 negative. Never felt the need or desire to change this, Minox tank was and is a beautiful tool to process this tiny film format. And trying to experience the whole Minox thing as it was intended by Zapp: vintage camera, vintage meter, vintage flash, vintage tank, vintage film wallet… you understand.

Rodinal Vs Kodak D76 vs D96, Which is the best for Double-X (5222) – By Azriel Knight

I was recently asked by Flic Film to beta test their new batch of D96, or as they label it, Developer 96. I was really curious because last year I shot some Double-X and people told me I had super harsh blacks because I needed to use D96 to open those shadows.

I know you more seasoned photographers will say D96 is made for it, and yeah sure, we absolutely will be looking at comparisons of identical scenes developed in each soup, but there are other factors to take into account, like your wallet and workflow.

Chromabox-4 finished prototype

Midtone Machines – Introducing my Automatic Film Processor – By Andrew Burns

First let me introduce myself, my name is Andrew Burns and I’m a rocket propulsion engineer and amateur photographer living in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m 33 years old, meaning that I owned and used film cameras when I was a kid (I can remember owning a Pentax Espio, but not which one) but I didn’t really get interested in photography until well after digital had taken over.


Large scale printing with a Jobodrum – By Thorsten Wulff

Since last year I had this box with 50 sheets of Ilfospeed Multigrade paper in 40x50cm, (16×20 inch), but only one fitting developer tray. So with a lot of time on my hands in the last weeks I thought why not make some larger prints of the images I took last summer on Omaha beach. Not inclined to spend 100 Euros or so for the two needed further trays my idea was to get a pair of those clear plastik containers from Ikea, but they were closed like everybody else.

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