2 July, 2024

Crete, a Welcome – A One Shot Story

By Klaus Döring

In the cool light of the morning the veils of fog lift. In front of the bow, foamy spray drifts across the deck. Like dewdrops, you break the first rays of sunshine with diamond...
picture Olympus C50

30 June, 2024

Wind from northwest – One shot Story

By Klaus Döring

Vacation on the Baltic Sea in September. The last few weeks have been very nice. A wonderful sunset glow upon arrival. In the morning wind from northwest. On the beach with my c...

24 June, 2024

The Kids Are Alright – A One Shot Story

By John Bennett

While walking back to our car after Indian food with friends, my wife and I passed a group of kids waiting in front of a skate venue that was hosting live music later in the eve...
A woman lying on a bench

29 May, 2024

On the Common – a One Shot Story

By Nathan Sherwood

I grew up in a village in the south of England. Not a deeply rural place, but surrounded by enough woodland and field to keep any child exploring through many a long summer. Dur...

21 May, 2024

The Cat and His Boy – A One Shot Story

By Ibraar Hussain

Michifu is our friend and member of the family. He’s a Tom Cat of about 20 months of age so not fully grown yet. He comes and goes as he pleases, spending a lot of time ou...