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A Polaroid Pathfinder 110 camera, with an Olympus Trip 35 next to it for scale

Polaroid Pathfinder – Shooting 120 Film In My Father-In-Law’s Essentially Obsolete Camera

My father-in-law is a bit of a packrat. He loves people and he’s always got relevant questions, stories, and of course stuff in his hoard. Tell him what you’re interested in, and he can find an on-topic decades-old postcard, or calendar, or a book. When I got back into film photography over the past couple of years, he dug into his trove and started hauling out cameras. Boxes of cameras, really, some from as far back as World War II. The one featured in this article is a bit later in the century, but still what most people would consider obsolete: a Polaroid Land Camera Pathfinder model 110.


Building a Darkroom with Little to no DIY skills – by Laura Cogan

The title suggests I can’t do DIY which is not entirely true. I have been known to wield a hammer from time to time but while the results are functional they’re not particularly pretty. However, my stubborn hubris was no match for the skills necessary to convert my storage space into my new darkroom. If this resonates then this article is for you. On the other hand If you’re one of “those” people who can put up shelves and shit then you can just go ahead and read this with smug abandon.

Kodak Flash Bantam Camera

That Time I “Half-Framed” a cute Kodak Flash Bantam camera (Part 2 of 3) – By Dave Powell

Part 1 of this three-part mini-series detailed how I converted a lovely little Kodak Flash Bantam camera to shoot half-frame images. It was fun and (more-or-less) easier than expected. This part describes what followed– my:

Half-frame winding strategy
Somewhat simple film-loading procedure and
Shooting techniques

Kodak Flash Bantam camera

That time I “Half-Framed” a cute Kodak Flash Bantam camera (Part 1 of 3) – By Dave Powell

I’ve long wanted a half-frame 35mm camera. Doubling one’s images per roll is especially great now that film costs more. I’m an inveterate tinkerer, though, and preferred to convert an inexpensive (but decent) “full-frame” camera, rather than buy a “real” half-frame. But what camera should I tackle? Ideally, it would be:

Fully mechanical
Blessed with a nice lens
Easily (and reversibly) converted and
Fun to shoot

Featured image of the finished lens conversion

Lens Conversion – Nikon AF600 to LTM/L39 with a ‘Rod’s Gear’ Housing – By Andreas Mass

When I was looking for a potential lens or rather a nice broken camera to retrieve a good lens from I stumbled on some articles here covering the Nikon AF600 (also known as Lite Touch). In fact I reached out to Hamish after finishing this little project to thank him for the site and the articles that featured the camera. He then asked me if I would be interested in sharing this project on the site… so here we are.

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