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Film Log: A Free App for Film Exposure Record-Keeping – by Dmitri Tcherbadji

I started my film photography journey with a Canon QL25 — a slower sibling of the popular QL17 GIII 35mm rangefinder. Unfortunately, my old QL’s lightmeter wasn’t working, so I relied on an iPhone app to give me shutter speed and aperture options. My pocket computer helped me get accurate exposures, which was very encouraging, especially for a beginner like me.

But as my camera collection grew, I began to lose track of my film. “What film’s in this camera, and did I mean to shoot it at box speed, push, pull, or over-expose this roll?” — this became an inevitable row of questions whenever I picked a camera. Someone with a better long-term memory might’ve remembered everything for months across 7+ loaded cameras, but that isn’t me, unfortunately.

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Datafilm: The Note Taking App Designed For Film Photographers – By Vincent

I am excited to present a project I have been working on during the past few months. It is called Datafilm and it is a modern note taking iOS app designed for film photographers.

Apart from being an interface designer, I am also an amateur analog photographer who started his journey into film photography a few years ago while moving to Asia. As soon as I shot my first film rolls, I fell in love with the whole experience. However, coming from the digital world, I found myself missing the metadata part, also called EXIF, embedded into digital images.


Grain2Pixel Review – A Photoshop Plugin for Converting Negatives – By Arild Edvard Båsmo

Today I am going to review a new piece of software, or rather a plugin to Adobe Photoshop called Grain2Pixel, which can convert scans of negative film into positive images. It can be downloaded from this website: Before we get to the actual review, I want to talk about negatives and conversion in general …

Grain2Pixel Review – A Photoshop Plugin for Converting Negatives – By Arild Edvard Båsmo Read More

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