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I am very much open to discussion with regard to product reviews. I have written reviews based on equipment borrowed and received from the likes of Kodak, Ilford, Leica, Zeiss and Lomography, additionally to these bigger brands I have also reviewed products made smaller companies such as Kolari Vision, LumuTaab, Zaid made and Footprint, and software developers like Nightcap and RNI. If it is to do with photography, and relatable to a film photographer you have a good chance of me being interested in writing a review.

If you would like to talk details, please get in touch!


I speak to lots of other bloggers – but these are those who I keep in touch with the most. Check out their websites, if you haven’t already!

Alex Luyckx
Photography – Reviews of Cameras, Film, Developers, long winded history, and home of the Classic Camera Revival Podcast.

Aperture Preview
Film run through a variety of cameras and the importance of the feel you get while using them.

Shooting Film on the cheap side of the Border in Credit Crunch Britain. Looking at the more bargain and lo-fi end of the analogue camera market.

Making good use of the things that I find. Trying film cameras I find in junk shops and through swaps.

Casual Photophile
A camera culture website. The editorial side of the camera shop

Down the Road
A personal blog that is 75% about Jim’s hobby of film photography, full of gear reviews and photography tips. Otherwise he shares photos and stories about old cars, old buildings, and old roads, as well as from his life.

Film photography reviews, experiments, interviews, news and culture for photographers of all ages and levels of experience.

Japan Camera Hunter

Johnny Martyr
Johnny Martyr is an event and documentary art photographer who blogs like he shoots; when inspiration strikes. Expect interviews with working film photographers and blogs with an emphasis on available light 35mm rangefinder and SLR photography and equipment, though nothing is off the table.

Kosmo Foto
Camera reviews, film photography news, features and analogue photography history, plus the home of Kosmo Foto Mono, the first film from my emerging film brand.

Mike Eckman dot com
Film photography reviews with an emphasis on history and backstories. I also replublish period magazine articles and other documents that I find which provide additional insight to our hobby.

Theo writes about classic cameras and his photographic experiences. Articles with how-tos, techniques and combinations of different equipment are a great resource for any photography enthusiast.

Retro Film Camera
A website looking at evolution of 35mm photography and a growing series of 35mm cameras that are landmark models in some way.

Celebrating the art, process, and gear of the film photography community with gear reviews, videos, artist interviews and ShootFilmCo brand merchandise.

Collector’s site with a wide variety of cameras as well as found film and utilizing 3D-printing to improve or expand the film experience.



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