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21 May, 2024

The Cat and His Boy – A One Shot Story

By Ibraar Hussain

Michifu is our friend and member of the family. He’s a Tom Cat of about 20 months of age so not fully grown yet. He comes and goes as he pleases, spending a lot of time ou...
Higashi Honganji

19 May, 2024

Kyoto, farewell

By Geoff Chaplin

I’ll get to the real reason I took my Sony A7Riii and 85mm lens later, a secondary reason was I had been shooting film for many months, maybe over 50 films, and wanted a ...

18 May, 2024

Looking Back at my First Roll of Film

By Paul Sutton

It was June 2015, the first month of Melbourne’s winter, and I had tired of digital photography. I had bought an entry level Nikon DSLR in January of 2015 as a move up fr...