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Photographic light meter reviews – here you will find reviews and experiences of various types of light meter.

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Hedeco Lime Two on Leica M4-p

Hedeco Lime Two Low Profile Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

I’ve just received a pair of brand new Hedeco Lime Two light meters. As you might gather from the name, this is the second iteration of the Lime meter from the German brand, and whilst it might not be a revolutionary step forward, it does definitely represent a significant polishing of an already well rounded light meter.

As you can see when comparing the first version of the meter, the Lime One, with this new Lime Two meter, the basic design is pretty much the same. To that end, if you’re interested in a bit of background, I would recommend you read my first article here. That said, one thing this is worth noting is that the Lime One meter I previously reviewed was a late prototype. Though, as far as I know, the version that was delivered to customers after the kickstarter wasn’t all that different. As I’ve mentioned, this new version isn’t massively different either, but it does come with a few tweaks and improvements that make for a product that feels more mature.

Reveni Labs Incident Meter

Reveni Labs Incident Meter Prototype Preview

Matt very kindly sent me a prototype Reveni Labs Incident meter to play with. It’s fair to say, this meter is not exactly conventional in terms of how it’s held or intended to be interacted with. But then, Matt’s shoe mount and spot meters are also unique in their designs. The question I asked myself when I first saw a picture of it was if this is a unique design too far? 

Keks KM02 Shoe Mount Light Meter Review

Keks have recently released a new light meter, the Keks KM02. This new meter has whole load of new features compared to the previous Keks EM01 (reviewed here). It’s also smaller and lighter than the previous model, has a fractionally longer battery life and is supposedly more accurate than the EM01 (which seemed pretty spot on to me). All in all, on paper it sounds like it could be a winner. I was certainly very interested in reviewing it!

TTartisan light meter

TTArtisan Light Meter Review – The Cheapest of Its Kind – By Frankie Bina

Shoe mounted light meters are slowly evolving, with different brands bringing new smaller and progressively more digital meters to the market. But the “analog” kind, with the satisfyingly clicky dials, stays highly popular among the analog photography crowd. The Voigtlander VCii still sits at the top, as the premium priced benchmark of reliable performance. Doomo Meter D came out as the more affordable, yet maybe not as accurate alternative. And recently TTArtisan decided to join this corner of the market with their own offering – the TTArtisan Light Meter – pushing the price even lower. This new model is priced around 65 USD at international sellers, half the price of Doomo and almost a quarter of the cost of the Voigtlander, making it the obvious low-budget choice. I purchased mine in China at even lower price, just 43 USD.

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