Sunset Silvermax Rodinal

16 July, 2024

5 Frames of Sunsets in Black and White

By Geoff Chaplin

Aren’t sunsets about colour? Black and white is pattern and texture of course but more than that, for me at least, it captures the soul or atmosphere of the scene. I find...

10 July, 2024

5 Frames with a Nikon FE and a Stroke of Luck

By Miguel ángel Mendez

I had a Nikon FE camera many years ago, when they were first released. I remember seeing it for the first time while unpacking a slit lamp, an optical device used in ophthalmolo...
Ilford Sporti

5 July, 2024

5 Frames with the Ilford Sporti

By Trevor king

I am not sure where or when I had acquired the Ilford Sporti but I discovered it in a box of old photographic equipment that I had amassed over the years. Still encased in its o...