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Heading image of negatives on a lightbox.

A Roll of My Grandfather’s Film – Agfa Isopan on his Leica I

Some years ago my late father handed me a cardboard box containing 100’s of his father’s negatives dating from the 1920’s onwards. The vast majority in bulk and number are 4¼” X 3¼” (quarter plate) nitrate film negatives together with a few ¼ plate glass negatives, some of the former clearly shot with a Kodak …

A Roll of My Grandfather’s Film – Agfa Isopan on his Leica I Read More

From the Archives: Kodachromes from Athens, Greece, 1951

My father moved to Athens, Greece, in February 1951. He had just returned to USA from an overseas position in the Pacific. After about  two weeks job-hunting in New York City, a water resources engineering company offered him this Greek posting. He visited relatives in Boston and Orlando, bought a few supplies, boarded Pan Am, and left for Greece. He traveled light and efficiently (unlike his son, who tends to be burdened with too many cameras).

The Gratitude Project – By John Pemberton

It’s that time of the year.  Joy felt Holiday celebrations are ramping up and resolutions are being planned to contribute to a brighter year ahead.  Photographers make resolutions as well.  Most frequently these relate to various year long projects that require us to make pictures on some scheduled basis, a switch in media or a different aesthetic forcing us to escape our creative cocoon.

Lomography Double Exposure

Stranger Rolls – Creative Chaos to Break the Routine – By Wes Hall

There’s plenty of routine and repetition in photography. The sequences we all run through; film shooters – loading the roll, the cocking of the wind on lever. Digital photographer – setting our menu layouts to ease lessen the creative load on our minds, selecting one of a dozen or more modes to shoot in, through …

Stranger Rolls – Creative Chaos to Break the Routine – By Wes Hall Read More

5 Frames of Photographic Comfort Food with Film Washi S and a Voigtlander 15mm Lens – By Sonny Rosenberg

Recently, I had to go undergo some surgery which resulted in me taking a forced hiatus from photography and from posting on my own little blog, The Daily Lumenbox. As a reader of 35mmc you can probably understand that this inability to take photos was more than a little bit anxiety inducing.

In my anxiety addled state, I wondered if I would ever even be able to photograph again, would the photographs be any good, or would they all be utter crap?

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