8 May, 2024

Learning to Shoot Boxing Matches

By Andrea Monti

Taking pictures in a boxing gym during regular training is a unique way to learn to understand when ‘the moment’ – a hit, a miss, a bob or a weave – is c...
Reticulated Cascais

24 March, 2024

How (not) to Reticulate

By Geoff Chaplin

I was developing film away from my darkroom. I had assembled the essential equipment and, because I knew that untreated tap water in Brussels used to be very hard, I had made up...
Plants by a fence, BW reversal

14 February, 2024

The Black and White Paper Reversal Process

By DaveTheWalker

I recently wrote about my adventures in RA4 colour reversal and the Pinsta pinhole camera. Once I had a workable method, I got to wondering about how difficult it might be to pe...

2 February, 2024

F-Stop Printing in the Darkroom

By Ian Whitney

Although I scan all my negatives so that I can share photos online, I prefer to make prints in the darkroom. I find it to be an engaging technical craft that provides endless th...