Author name: Armando Caballero

Armando Caballero is an international street photographer based in the UK. His passion is to capture authentic candid moments in the streets of the world.

Kodak Vision3 250D

My First Time using Kodak Motion Picture Film – ENC-2 vs. C41.

Nowadays, I use analogue photography for 90% of my Street Photography, with the only exception being when it’s raining outside and I don’t want to get my analogue camera wet, so I use my digital one. Usually, I use black and white film stock, but this summer I really felt the urge to shoot some …

My First Time using Kodak Motion Picture Film – ENC-2 vs. C41. Read More

Pentax MX and Ilford Delta 3200

5 frames with my Pentax MX and Ilford Delta 3200 on a Bright Summer Day – By Armando Caballero

I know that you normally would not expect to find the words “Ilford Delta 3200” and “bright summer day” in the same sentence. But let me tell you the story of how I ended up shooting this film stock normally used for poor lighting conditions on one of the brightest days of the English summer.

The date was the August bank holiday of 2022. The place… the Isle of Wight. I travelled down South with some of my friends to spend the long weekend. Being the passionate street photographer that I am I took two of my cameras with me. My Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless digital camera and, the star of this article, my trusty Pentax MX.

People on a London ice cream shop

The Lost Art of Film Street Photography – By Armando Cabellero

I know that the title of this article might sound a bit surprising. Specially because nowadays, film photography is experiencing an unprecedented resurgence and also because the number of people practicing street photography has increased significantly in the past 3-4 years. However, in my humble opinion, I do not see much film street photography out …

The Lost Art of Film Street Photography – By Armando Cabellero Read More

36 frames

Why I Prefer to use Film for my Street Photography – By Armando Caballero

Street photography is what I love to do the most. If I could, I would go out there every single day of my life and take pictures of the world around me. But there is still one thing that I love even more than Street Photography, to do it using my analogue camera and some film stock. There are several reasons for this, let me share them with you.

Pentax MK

5 Frames with my Dad’s Pentax MX and Kodak Tri-X 400 – By Armando Caballero

My first memory about photography dates back to the day when my dad decided to explain me the principles of exposure, I must have been around 12, I guess. I remember we sat down in a rocking chair we used to have at home, and he explained to me the meaning of shutter speed and aperture. He showed me in real-time what all of this meant with his Pentax MX. I never forgot the lesson.

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