Author name: Andy Larner

Olympus 35RC – A Travelling Review – By Andy Larner

The invite dropped into my whatsapp in early February last year. Stag-do in Budapest! Long weekend! Now, I’m a habitual traveler, I love traveling and the majority of my photography falls in with that. I shoot quickly and on the move. A stag-do though poses a specific problem… Late nights, (possible) seedy bars, clubs and ‘activities’. So what camera do I take? Do I take my beloved Yashica Lynx? No it’s way too big and obvious despite being perfect for night photography.

Sea & Sea Motormarine EX II Review – By Andy Larner

I didn’t buy this camera, I “borrowed” it from my Dad. I wanted a camera I could comfortably take to the beach and in the sea, that could take a bit of an unintentional knock and wouldn’t be likely to get nicked. He offered me his brand new, waterproof Nikon W300 (black and very nice but no RAW files!?). No, I decided I was going (pretty much) all film on this trip and I wanted the Sea & Sea Motormarine.

Yashica Lynx-14 Review – Great 45mm lens (good camera stuck to the back) – By Andy Larner

OK, so full disclosure, I went looking for a rangerfinder thinking I would buy something small, light and discreet as a daily carry that I could slip in my pocket. Something like a Yashica Electro say… As you can see by the title of the review, I didn’t buy one. Being fully mechanical and with an out of this world 45mm, F1.4 leaf shutter lens of the Yashica-Lynx-14 won me over. I mean, look at it…

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