5 Frames of Kodak Tri-X in Cornwall with a Mamiya RB67 and Sekor C 127mm f3.8 – by Arinola

I initially borrowed my friend Shin Smith’s Mamiya RB67 for a trip to Oxford at the end of February. Shortly after, I went to Cornwall with a group of friends and thought it could be cool to take the Mamiya for another spin. It turned out to be an opportune time of year for colour film because, despite the rain forecast, the weather held up well while we were there.

Sadly, I messed up loading a roll of Kodak Gold into the Mamiya and bitterly regretted it at the time because I only took two rolls of film along to Cornwall. My plan was to only use the Gold roll because I was mostly looking forward to taking it easy that weekend, but I added the Tri X just in case.