Author name: belola_goth

Freelance event and news photographer! Enjoys shooting b/w, c41 and e6 35mm and 120! Develops b/w, c41 and e6 at home. Use a dslr for film scanning. Acts as a lab technican and film digititizer for a friend.

The final 17 bulk loaded rolls!

My Last 17 Rolls of Bulk Rolled Polypan F 50 ISO Black & White 35mm Film – by Sina Farhat

Let’s travel back to the beginning of 2014, me and my friend Jonas had a discussion that we wanted some cheap and good film black and white film to shoot. After doing some research we ended up going for a black and white iso 50 called “Polystar Polypan F”, it is a cinema duplication film that doesn’t have an anti-halation layer. Hence, you get a dreamlike glow in your highlights, it is also sensitive to light piping so load the film in the dark!

Films to develop

Why I spend my free time being a lab technician for a friend – By Sina Farhat

Many years ago I met Jonas Lundström and I learned that he is a creative film shooter that doesn’t fear odd cameras, expired films and trying out new things. In 2014 he announced that he would move from south of Sweden (Gothenburg) to the northern part of Sweden (Umeå) and with that he would lose access to the lab where he usually developed his rolls. Considering how many rolls he shoots per year it would quickly become very expensive to send them for development.

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