Author name: Oleg Dyachenko

Chroma Snapshot mini-review – Fun with a 3D printed large format customized camera – By Oleg (Boris) Dyachenko

I love the look that the images shot with a large format camera give you. My old wooden Tachihara camera had lots of adjustments, leaky bellows and needed to be shot on a tripod only. So I wanted something which is large format but light, simpler, fixed lens and still can be shot handheld.

A quick web search returned some 3d printed 4x5s. Most of them looked ridiculous but I also found a Chroma camera website, where the large format cameras looked slick and even sported some elegant carbon fibre details.

Hollywood Sunset – An Analog Experience with a Nikon and a 3D printed 4×5 – By Oleg (Boris) Dyachenko

I am Boris, and here’s my story about a photo project I started in 2019. Even though the 2020 events changed its course quite a bit, I was still able to finish it and make it into a book, to be printed in 2022.

For over two decades I worked in the magazine publishing industry where I developed my passion for photography. I first started to photograph much earlier though. At the age of 10 I learned how to shoot with my dad’s medium format TLR.

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