Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f/2.8

5 frames with a Leica M5 and Zeiss Biogon C 35mm f/2.8 – By Charles Morgan

Ever since I returned to film photography (with a Rolleicord bought from street photographer and Ilford artisan partner Keith Moss – now a friend) I have concentrated on exposing for good negatives. This has led me through numerous film stocks, developers and camera formats, and a gear acquisition strategy I compare to a game of Monopoly. Always trying, experimenting, changing to find that which I think of as perfection. Hampered by a natural indolence and carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands, and inspired by a visit to Wetzlar with a 1933 Leica III, I have decided that lightness and great optics (the lodestar of Oscar Barnack) are really what I need, but I still hanker after medium format.