Author name: Chris Hooke

I'm a UK based amateur photographer who first picked up a camera, many moons ago. Shot film through the 80's and 90's, took 20 years to realise that digital depressed me. Now, here I am, playing with and selling all the cameras I couldn't afford when I was younger, and telling people about it

Rolleicord owned by Lalage Bown

Rolleicord IIe 1949-50 – Lalage Bown’s Camera

I think the very essence within all our obsessions with film cameras is the romance of holding something in your hands that could tell many stories. It’s the unknown history that we hope to add to. What memories did it create? Family holidays, friends on a night out or maybe gritty social scenes from a time that has been resigned to the history books as it fades from human memory. Unless we are lucky, we’ll never hear those faint whispers and will just have to rely on our imagination. I buy and sell a lot of cameras and will always look for one with a receipt or maybe even an import docket, something that puts a name and possibly a place to a camera. It always makes it that little bit more desirable.

Rolleicord Va giving the impression that it works

The Pitfalls of Buying 2nd Hand… When 2nd Hand is all there is – By Chris Hooke

Well, this is quite embarrassing.

This, my first post for 35mmc, would tell the glorious tale of a Rolleicord Va, newly acquired from a well know auction site. It would include the unboxing, cleaning, any minor repairs, and finally, those first glorious, world class images that I would obviously take with it.

And in the story of my life, soon to be made into a tragic comedic Hollywood blockbuster, its broken. Of course it is. Not badly broken, but it still doesn’t work.

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