Author name: Clive Williams

Clive is too tall and too self-conscious to be an invisible travel photographer, but that doesn't stop him trying. Work takes him to cities all over Europe, where he'd rather go by tram - especially if it's a yellow one - than take a taxi and actually be on time for once.

Pentax MX on handlebar bag

Back in the woods with a Pentax MX and 3 SMC lenses – By Clive Williams

They say you should never go back.  But I went anyway. A year ago, I wrote a 35mmc piece about trying to capture an impression of spring in the beech woods near my home, using a Pentax K1000 and a Takumar-A zoom. I concluded that neither item had a long-term place in my kit, and both were duly offloaded. I also decided I had better Pentax tools for the job, so in spring 2021, I went back to the same woods to try again.

Nikkormat EL index Provia box

Nikkormat EL Mini Review – A Trip To The Seaside with Fuji Provia 100F – By Clive Williams

I’ve had some fun since reviving my silver-based photography in 2018.  But I’ve become quite disillusioned with it in the latter phases of the Covid apocalypse.  In particular, the travel I used to do for business, which took me to places that stimulated my curiosity and offered stories to tell with pictures, has not been happening.  I’m fortunate enough to have been in continuous employment, so I’ve had money to spend on cameras and lenses, but they, and I, have had nowhere to go and nothing to do outside my home office.  It has, frankly, been getting me down.

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