Author name: Chris Colten

Pentax Super Program

Pentax Super Program Review – By Chris Colten

For the past few years, I’ve been shooting a Pentax Super Program as my primary camera. It’s been a great travel companion and I’m happy to have one in my collection. Having put numerous rolls of film through the Super Program, I started to feel qualified to share my thoughts about this camera. So here they are.

Who Lost Their Shoe? – by Chris Colten

There’s a phenomena that I observed over a decade ago, but only recently started documenting. And by recently, I mean a few years ago. It’s been a process.

It all started when I was out for a hike with a few buddies from my scout troop, traveling through a forest preserve nestled among subdivisions and office buildings. One of my friends told us about the alleged presence of an abandoned military base somewhere in the woods. I was skeptical. So were the others. But it’s not like we had anywhere to be, except out on the trail putting down miles. Off we went to search for old buildings – and maybe some stuff to throw rocks at. We didn’t find much except an old fence and a lot of mosquitoes.

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