Jordan Michael Lockhart

My name is Jordan Michael Lockhart I am a fine art film photographer from Los Angeles. In 2014 I moved to New York City and acclimated myself with the local analog scene and global camera market. When I wasn't shooting or working I was traveling by bus to pick up cameras I had scoured from live auctions. In early 2017 I amped up my buying and selling and sold off another 27 cameras from my personal collection. Then with my Ricoh GR1, Lomo LC-Wide, Voigtlander R4M, and an 18 liter backpack, I headed off to Germany with no intention of ever returning. 10 months and 9 countries later, I've found my cameras are the only thing I need to feel "at home". Today I work with Cameraventures to help understand the global state of analog photography and do my best to experience it first hand along the way. I also am the founder of a 'Quality Analog Goods' store. Online Store: Personal Portfolio:

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