Author name: Don Goodman-Wilson

Although a full-time IT professional, I’ve been an avid photographer for over 25 years. I shoot street and travel, still-life fine art, and the occasional portrait. I got my start with the venerable Pentax MX, and quickly discovered my love for both rangefinders and flea markets when I picked up a used Contax II cheap at a yard sale. Nowadays I use vintage and modern lenses on my Fujifilm X-Pro3, and have started looking for ways to transform my hobby into a viable business.

An Industar-69 mounted to a Fuji X-Pro3.

Industar-69 (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review – A Dreamy, Compact Wonder – By Don Goodman Wilson

The Industar-69 (Индуста́р-69) is a strange but beguiling beast. Originally designed for the Chaika (Чайка) camera, it wasn’t really meant to be used with other cameras. The original Chaika’s lens wasn’t removable; on later models it was affixed with an M39 thread, apparently with the intent that photographers could mount it on an enlarger for printmaking. This intent might be apocryphal, I can’t properly tell. There’s not a lot of primary sources of information on this lens out there on the interwebs that I can find, only a handful of people repeating the same information.

Industar-50 lens attached to a Fuji X-Pro3

Industar-50 LTM (on Fujifilm X-Pro3) Review – The Joy of Flawed Lenses – By Don Goodman-Wilson

I had the good fortune to be wandering the Kazimerz neighborhood of Krakow, Poland, on a Saturday morning, where I stumbled upon a small but very interesting flea market. An American child of the 80s, I’ve always been fascinated with Soviet artifacts, and their cameras in particular. So this flea market was like catnip to me. (Sadly, I missed the much larger market on Sunday…next time!)

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