Author name: Dirk Fletcher

Dirk Fletcher is a photographer and builder of medium and large format film cameras. He holds a technical position with Canon USA, working with users of professional still and cinema equipment. Before joining Canon in 2015, he was the Department Chair of the Photography Dept. at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Dirk holds a BA in Photo from Brooks Institute of Photography and an MFA in Independent Filmmaking from Governors State University. He has several long-term projects including documenting 1950’s era Porcelain Enameled Lustron homes. His work is on Instagram @dirkfletcher and at

Custom 6x9 camera

A Custom Compact And Affordable 6×9 With A Heart For Travel – By Dirk Fletcher

I’ve built a bunch of conversions out of a vintage folding Zeiss 520/15. Most of these 6×12 cameras end up with a  65mm f/8 lens.  It wasn’t until I was commissioned to build a similar 6×9 camera that the format caught my attention. The client wanted  a 65mm to get the feel of his 28mm lens on a 35mm camera. Here is the camera I came up with for him.

Found Photos – The Field Trip – 17 Never-Before Seen Images from the Mid 1960s – By Dirk Fletcher

I consider myself lucky as I have been a photographer and surrounded by photography for pretty much my entire life. As a second-generation photographer, camera builder and tinker-er, I’ve learned the time-honored craft of hacksawing two cameras in half from my father, who also regularly hacked  cameras in the name of art and curiosity.

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