Seeing the unexpected in the ordinary – a day in the life with my newest project: Peaceful Days – By Derek Lluisma

Within one month in Arizona and one week in Florida, I spent my free time photographing everyday surroundings in an increasingly directed manner—strategically targeting specific subjects such as houses, lawns, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, playgrounds, recreational areas, etc. I had no goal—no ambition like with other projects—no intent to create groundbreaking work—but to let loose and have fun. I had a chance to see what I could do with the plainest of things among the ordinary—to photograph not simply the ordinary but the most extremely ordinary among the ordinary—things so boring, common, or ever-present that nobody would bother to really notice nor look at in detail—to the point it becomes unnoticeable or rather hidden in plain sight—such that when described in vivid detail with maximum clarity—it becomes the unexpected. This is another take on the philosophy that anything is photographable.