Author name: Tony Wu

A streetphotography and rangefinder hobbyist from China. Computational Chemistry Phd student. Living in Hong Kong SAR and Guangzhou, China.

Recomposing Street Photography with Reflections

Reflections? A cliche? Almost 4 months have passed since I got back to street photography. I found myself more and more intrigued by the fancy vision created by capturing reflections. Yup, shooting reflection images seems to be quite straightforward and even has become kind of a cliche—find a lake, a puddle, a mirror, then shoot …

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Leica M10-P and CV35 Ultron II with a custom 3D printed hood

5 frames with the Voigtlander 35/2 Ultron II on M10-P in Hong Kong: The beginning of my Leica journey

I started to take photography as my serious hobby over 10 years ago, when I was even in middle school. Since I got to learn more about different gear, and developed my interest in street photography, the Leica M-system inevitably occupied one place in my mind. I had experience with DSLRs, some Minolta film SLRs, later the compact cameras such as T2, T3 and Hexar AF. For a few years I stopped taking cameras and film out but just using my phone.

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