Born and raised on a farm in Yorkshire. My father is an Olympus fan and I still have his OM2. I studied mechanical engineering with great pleasure in Coventry and Cambridge. I joined Schlumberger Wireline & Testing in ’92 and went overseas in ’94 (Middle East). I’ve been a consultant with Gaia since ’03, working all over the place (Trinidad to Mozambique, via Syria and back again). I continue to tinker with the things that interest me (e.g. I’ve been trying to solve cable sticking in oil wells for the last 9 years – getting there now). My favourite part of the world remains East Africa (always fun and rewarding); I guess I’m wired for that sort of environment. The people I admire the most are those who flourish in the non-corporate creative industries – such folks are driven by their heart and not the dollars (of course the challenge is in monetizing one’s passion). I like motorcycling a great deal – as Spencer Conway said during his epic African Motorcycle Diaries “In a car you’re watching a movie, on a bike you’re in the movie”. Bike, camera, and an open road is the ultimate “freedom package” in my view.

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