Joseph Irvin

Joseph Irvin is a Colorado-based composer/photographer/filmmaker. He started shooting film after rescuing his grandpa's 35mm cameras from being neglected in a drawer. Since 2014 he has operated the photography blog The Resurrected Camera and is currently shooting a photo project documenting the Colorado tourism industry.

Joseph Irvin's Posts

13 April, 2024

A Custom Tailored Shirt

By Joseph Irvin

Style wasn’t always my thing, and spending a lot of money on a custom-tailored shirt wasn’t something I’d always wanted to do but in this case it was inevitabl...

22 July, 2023

What my first portfolio review was like

By Joseph Irvin

In a nutshell: it was like a boxing match between me and the world, or perhaps between me and my ego.  I’m unsure at this point which, because I’ve now taken so...

6 June, 2023

5 Frames with a Friendly Deer

By Joseph Irvin

Too friendly, if I'm honest. But this is why I carry a camera with me nearly everywhere I go. It's usually something like a Nikon F2 loaded with Tri-X (rated at 1600), with my 3...

11 April, 2023

5 frames at Golden Hour in the Fall

By Joseph Irvin

For the last 10 years my photography has primarily been black & white film.  For me the colors of Spring and Summer are captured by the wonderful tones of Kodak Tri-X.  But ...