Author name: Thang Nguyen

Kodak S1100XL

Kodak S1100XL Review – Chinon 3001 in Kodak Clothing – By Thang Nguyen

This review is about the Kodak S1100XL, a Chinon 3001 with a different badge. If you are a point & shoot enthusiast, you will likely know that rebranding was been a common thing in analog compact cameras. This is usually the case with Rolleis which were often rebranded Samsungs or Leicas which were Minolta at their heart. And of course everyone’s beloved classic: the Chinon Auto 3001 is no exception to rebranding. If you didn’t know, the Chinon 3001 is a well-known camera for its excellent performance as well as being the first compact camera to employ multi-beam focusing.

Vivitar Tec 45 & Panasonic C-600

Vivitar Tec 45 / Panasonic C-600 Review – Remarkable Machines Without A Reputation – By Thang Nguyen

This maybe the first time you have heard of The Vivitar Tec 45? It’s a re-branded camera made by Panasonic for the US market, and is branded as the Panasonic C-600 for the rest of the world. I came across this hidden gem because I am an avid fan of Panasonic cameras, they are usually under-appreciated for their capabilities. For the most part, the film community often overlooks the name Vivitar because of an association with cheap products.

Konica Big Mini F

Konica Big Mini F Review – Is It As Good As It Looks? – By Thang Nguyen

The Konica Big Mini series is a premium line-up from Konica. These cameras are known for their sleek design while still being decent performers. The last of the line-up was the Konica Big Mini F. As the name suggests, the Big Mini F has a wider aperture of f2.8 compared to f3.5 of its predecessors. The Big Mini F also has an aluminum front shell unlike plastic constructions seen on previous models. Despite its reputation, the Big Minis don’t get talked about very much.

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