John Feole

I am an amateur photographer living in North Carolina. By day, I am a radiologist who looks at a steady stream of even more black and white images. Although I do take digital images, the art of film photography remains my passion. I began shooting film in the 1970's and have experimented with 35mm, medium and large format film. I prefer Ilford products and love the nuance of their film and papers. Some of my favorite film cameras include the Rollei 35S, Nikon F3, Mamiya c330 TLR, Mamiya RB67 and the Graflex Crown. My current interest is an East German Exakta V 35mm camera which I am certain you will soon read about. I develop my film and scan and or print images in my darkroom. I remain a lifelong student of the art. My journey brought me to wildlife photography using a full frame Nikon d850. Many skills were learned. My current direction, however, has been at the other end of the spectrum, utilizing a Rollei 35S viewfinder in an attempt to learn the art of street photography. The freedom of zone focusing the hunt for the unexpected and joy of imperfection have taken deep root. I am building my portfolio on 500px where I am a contributor, if you would like to see more. I look forward to sharing more adventures with the 35mmc community!

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