Author name: James Hanes

Medium Format On A Budget – A Quick Comparison of Three, Low Priced, 120 format, 6cm x 6cm TLR Cameras – By James Hanes

I am a Medium Format guy who can’t afford a Hasselblad or a Rolleiflex, so I have several working TLRs which I use regularly. My favorites are a Yashica LM, similar to the Mat124, and a Ricoh Diacord. I also have two Argus TLRs and a Ciro-Flex F. The Argus cameras and Ciroflex are American made and considered second rate. So how bad, or good are they, really? None have light meters or double exposure prevention and all use the “ruby window” for frame counting.

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye – A Review of Mum’s Camera – By James Hanes

First a confession: That photo isn’t Mom’s Kodak; but it’s just like it. Using a 1950’s Kodak Brownie Hawkeye model with either 120 or 620 film and a bulb flash is easy and rewarding.

A Brownie Hawkeye was the camera Mom used to take many a family photo starting in 1955. Mom replaced hers with a cheapo 110 camera in the ‘70s, about the time I bought my first SLR. When I spotted this boxed outfit at a thrift shop for $10, it went strait home with me.

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