Author name: jmitchell

I'm an amateur photographer first pulled into film photography by adapting legacy lenses to digital. Currently trying to get some good pictures out of a Zeiss quarter plate camera.

5 frames with a Canon A-1 and TRI-X – By James Mitchell

When my sister asked me for Christmas present suggestions, I just said “film”, and not HP5 or FP4 because I shoot those pretty often. I was very excited to unwrap a roll of Kodak TRI-X. It’s one of the classic emulsions and I had never shot! Come boxing day, that TRI-X was in my trusty Canon A-1. I bought the A-1 for the 50mm f/1.4 lens on the front but ended up keeping it.

5 frames with an Agfa Silette I and Ilford HP5+ – By James Mitchell

I had been to a gig at a local music venue at which the bouncer had nearly not let me in because of my little micro four thirds camera. He asked me if it was “professional”, which apparently means anything with interchangeable lenses. Through a combination of playing dumb and genuine confusion I got in anyway, but there was no way I was going to risk it again. My fiancée and I had bought tickets for us and her parents to see Christine and the Queens at the same venue a couple of weeks later.

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