Author name: Jesper Reiche

Interested in vintage motorcycles, manual labor, beauty and philosophy.

Hunting boat

Appreciating what you already have with Nikon FE and Fuji C200 – By Jesper Reiche

Every Christmas I spent time with my parents that still live in a little town called Præstø, where I grew up. It is situated a little under 100 km south of Copenhagen.

I usually spend some extra days there relaxing in my childhood home together with my parents and enjoy all the amazing food served by them. But in order to have room for it all, I usually take my camera with me for a lot of walks around the town. As I grew up there and still visit a number of times during the year, finding new things or angles to photograph can be challenging. This day where these images were taken however the weather handed me a lot of motives on a silver platter. All I had to do was show up.

Olympus-35 LC camera

Restarting Film Photography with an Olympus 35 LC – By Jesper Reiche

I started photography as a kid. I got my first camera from my parents – which I can only say, because I can leave out all other possibilities of me acquiring a camera – and not from the fact that I can actually remember being gifted one. Photography seems to be in the family. Not in the sense that either my father or his mother actually made a living of it, but they always took a lot of pictures. I have sat through endless sessions of both 10×15 printed pictures and old school slide projections. My grandparents always loved traveling and traveling meant taking pictures for all of the family to see afterwards. So you could argue that I was force-fed with photography from a very young age and somehow it led to me loving it and fortunately not hating it.

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